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 A Leading Global Genome Center

Dedicated to providing sequencing solutions to advance personalized medicine, WuXi Genome Center was established in 2011. By integrating with WuXi AppTec’s full-range of discovery and development services for the biopharma industry, WuXi Genome Center provides a complete solution for your drug development project from target discovery, preclinical, and  clinical development to personalized medicine.  Oriented with customer satisfaction, WuXi Genome Center has built successful  long-term collaborations with some leading global pharmaceutical companies.


NGS for Clinical Development

Are you an investigator working on drug development who needs a sequencing CRO service who can also take care of your project over the whole process? Combined with WuXi AppTec’s full range of services, WuXi Genome Center offers stand-alone sequencing or complete solutions for drug development from non-clinical to clinical trial stages. We start from a full understanding of the problems that you are facing gathered from pre-project discussions, and propose a complete solution with the components of genomics, bioinformatics, disease biology and clinical expertise.


NGS for Clinical Diagnostics

Are you a physician searching for the best personalized therapy to treat a cancer patient but lacking genetic information of the patient? WuXi Genome Center can help physicians to determine the best treatment plan by providing genomic assessment of tumors from individual patients.


NGS for Research

Are you struggling to identify targets for drug discovery? WuXi Genome Center can help you identify mechanisms/targets for disease with total next generation sequencing solutions such as whole genome sequencing, transcriptome sequencing, and epigenetics sequencing for your project completed with the highest industry standards.