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Complete Solution for Clinical Development

Compatible with WuXi  AppTec’s  full-range of CRO services, WuXi Genome Center offers complete solutions for drug development from pre-clinical to clinical trial stages. We start from a full understanding of the problems that you are facing, gain from pre-project discussions, and propose a complete solution with the components of genomics, bioinformatics, disease biology and clinical expertise.  


Successful case

Sample:   Finished >4,000 clinical samples   

Platform:   Next Generation Sequencing (Miseq)
Turn around:    200 samples/week

Met the demand:  Consistent high quality and  fast turn around time


“We are very impressed with WuXi AppTec. Not only do we always get excellent customer service and prompt attention, but the sequencing results are also consistently good. The turn-around times are fast and the qualities of sequencing runs are always high. WuXi AppTec is able to remain flexible to our processing and formatting requests, adjusting quickly and producing reliable results, while keeping up with our high volume, high throughput demands. We are very happy with the WuXi AppTec performance.”

 — A US Pharmaceutical Company