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Complete Solution for Research:

Identifying targets for drug discovery is one of the biggest challenge for pharmaceutical companies, with the advances in next generation sequencing technologies, investigators can access the genomic basis of diseases. Dedicated to providing the best fit solution for your drug discovery or basic discovery project, WuXi genome center can provide stand-alone sequencing or integrated CRO services for your discovery project.


Next Generation Sequencing Services

  • Whole genome sequencing
  •  Exome sequencing
  •  Target deep sequencing
  •  Amplicon sequencing
  •  Transcriptome sequencing
  •  microRNA sequencing
  •  ChIP sequencing
  •  DNA methylation sequencing

Fast Next Generation Sequencing Services

  •  Virus genome sequencing
  •  Bacteria genome sequencing


Successful Case

We developed a customized  sequencing protocol for the genomic sequencing of a bacteria species with high GC content (70%), which fulfill the specific needs of our customer's research goal in the drug development.

“WuXi Genome Center has been an incredibly valuable partner for Warp Drive Bio.  They have consistently performed far beyond the specifications of the project in every way that counts, producing more data than promised, delivering data of impeccable quality, and invariably delivering well in advance of our mutually agreed deadline. Their performance would be spectacular with the genomes most might present to them, but is all the more impressive considering that the genomes WuXi is sequencing for us have G+C contents of 70% or greater.   Their communication with us and responsiveness to our needs has been extraordinary.  Most people think of WuXi as a first-rate chemical synthesis house, but we believe they should equally be considered a DNA reading and writing house par excellence. ”



Dr Keith Robison 

Prof.  Greg Verdine 

Warp Drive Bio